Temperature Measurement & Control for industrial applications

Key Features and Advantages

Standard or customized temperature sensors which meet your requirements for different level of precision, ranges of temperatures and applications.

  • Fabrication according to your specifications

  • Technical advice to solve your existing challenges

  • Wide range of equipment with different materials to suit your requirements for different ranges of temperature.

  • “ATEX”,FM/CSA Worldwide approved instrument suitable for use in explosion proof environment like Oil & Gas Industries


Level control for a wide range of applications

Key Features and Advantages

We provide a wide range of level control instruments such as level switches, level transmitters and level gauges to meet your varied requirements; with engineering consultation and technical services available to ensure that the instruments will work perfectly for you.

  • Application based solutions and custom designs where required
  • Range of available solutions to meets a wide range of specifications
  • Available in SUS 304, SUS 316, SUS 316L, PP and PVDF to withstand high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments
  • Expert Engineering Consultation and Technical Services
  • Short delivery time possible


Protect temperature sensors and bi-metallic thermometers by insulating them from their environment

Key Features and Advantages

Selecting the appropriate materials for Thermowells can help to withstand against corrosives, high pressure, high temperature, mechanical shock & vibration. We provide expert technical assistance in helping you to choose from a wide range of Drilled Bar Stock or Flange Thermowells in various metallic materials to best meet your requirements.


To withdraw samples from process pipe lines for periodic quality check

To Protect Level Sensor Probes which measure  process level

Key Features and Advantages

We provide a one source solution for key assembly parts, from:

  • Technical advice to design according to customer’s specifications and requirements.

  • Material sourcing

  • Fabrication

Our domain knowledge, access to materials and needed subcontractors and expert partners, will help you simplify the process and shorten the lead time you need to obtain the products required.