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The remarkable story of Acez®'s entrepreneurial birth and success is an inspirations for all business leaders, managers and ordinary people.  Henry and Ricky Yeo founded Acez® in 1987 instilled with the “Take Charge” attitude of their parents, Since then, they have imparted a simple adage of “Controlling Your Destiny” throughout their organization...forming the fundamental spirit propelling her growth and success.

Electroheat Industries Private Limited in 2008 merged with the ACEZ Group and was renamed Acez Sensing Private Limited. Its founder Khin Maung Myint, currently the general manager  fully embraced the fundamental ACEZ spirit and its values . Advancement, Customer-centricity, Empowerment, and Zest... and has since

  • Rapidly and continuously developed on the expertise, knowledge, competency, technical and service capability that are valued by the markets that they serve.

  • Created "Beyond Sensing” a branded experience for all customer engagements.

  • Leveraged on the ACEZ Brand to expand its pool of customers.

ACEZ Sensing is dedicated to assist customers to design, develop and manufacture Customized, Cost-Effective Thermal Measurement and Sensing solutions  with Timely Delivery and Excellent Customer Care.

The new spirit  "Beyond Sensing" has helped many customers achieve significant Cost savings and Profitability.  This has allowed Acez Sensing to quickly develop a strong reputation within the industries that it served.

ACEZ has successfully served customers from the Oil & Gas Refinery, and Marine Engineering, High Performance Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Semi-conductor and control instrumentation sectors.... and is widening its domain expertise to reach more industry sectors and clients.

It is also  making plans to expand its operations overseas moving in tandem with the ACEZ Group.

Revenue Growth in Acez Sensing has been accompanied by rapid and concurrent development in learning, innovation, service and product quality.

  • The Certification of the Quality Management System to the ISO9001:2008 standards is the best testimonial to the quality standards that Acez Sensing has adhered to.

  • It is also constantly striving to gain more industry specific certifications that will help create more customer confidence.

  • It has engaged in a Branding Program to understand customer expectations and to aligned the companies image, capabilities and processes to better meet these requirements.

The professional and devoted workforce that have shared the "Beyond Sensing" mindset, the ACEZ Spirit and Values have played an important role in creating success for the customer. The team at Acez Sensing is a closely knitted team. Customer problems are brainstormed by expert teams often headed by Khin, its General Manager. Innovative solutions are quickly developed   in an environment that encourages creativity and enterprise.

With the “Beyond Sensing” experience...and happy pool for customers that have enjoyed it,  ACEZ Sensing is destined to  in writing our own success story and is definitely poised to be “The Preferred Partner for Sensor Measurement Solutions in the Region”.